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"Why the Built-In Banquette Is Becoming a Designer Favorite"

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"Before & After: see how this Hollywood home was transformed using clever mid-century ideas"

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"Step inside this jewel box home that Hollis Jordyn Design curated for jewelry designer Andrea Fohrman"

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"Reviving a Midcentury Home in an Authentic and Design-Forward Way"

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"7 Design Lessons We Learned From This Stunning Mid-Century Reno"

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"Five Outdoor Design Trends Interior Designers Are Seeing This Summer"

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"This calming Los Angeles house uses clever tricks to add color and texture we can all be inspired by"

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"How One Designer Updated an 80's Kitchen in a Los Angeles Midcentury Home"

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"Living room bar ideas – 10 ways to include a cocktail bar in your space for entertaining at home"

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"For the Fun of It: A Reimagined Ski Home by Flairhunter and Hollis Jordyn Interiors"

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